REpeg will carry out your Title Re-establishment survey requirements for your property or new build. Our surveyors determine property boundaries, dimensions, areas, ownership, associated rights, restrictions, interests in the property and mark clearly onsite with title pegs.

REpeg surveys are performed by licensed surveyors under the surveying (cadastral surveys) Regulations 2015.

Why REpeg

Building and construction

We make your building or construction process easy.

Foundation of your project

We outline the boundaries for your property, the most important phase of any project.

Identify spatial implications

We will navigate your space including
topography, trees and existing buildings to assist architects and designers.

Minimise roadblocks

REpeg will get your project moving fast. We can deliver the re-establishment plans quickly to keep your project on track.

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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

From the smallest plot to multi -million dollar developments, REpeg Licensed Surveyors define property boundaries, identify spatial implications, and have become experts in unlocking value.
REpeg interpret and navigate the legal aspects of land ownership within the property and land administration system. They provide a comprehensive spatial and legal understanding of land, water and the air above it, the surrounds and environment. Thus protecting development from impediments and unlocking potential rewards.

REpeg Licensed Surveyors must attain sufficient  qualification and accreditation to be warranted with direct management responsibilities in our land administration system by the government. In fact Licensed Surveyors are the pillars on which our land system is managed.

REpeg are the masters of their practice, possessing sufficient expertise and experience to act on behalf of both government and client. They are the very few seen fit to define and change land titles within the “cadastre” or boundary.

Years Experience

Completed Projects

Projects we work on

REpeg and Property Development

As experts in Cadastral (boundary management) law, planning and titles; they are the only professionals authorised by the government to legally define title boundaries and prepare subdivision plans. As such Licensed Surveyors have forged strong relationships with government agencies and can provide insight into gaining approvals. Licensed Surveyors focus their expertise on adding value to every facet of a project. From better environmental management and lot yield to accurate identification of overlays and easement restrictions; Licensed Surveyors can help developers and planners to navigate the planning process and find solutions to unforeseen roadblocks.

REpeg and Building

REPeg provide surety and confidence to the building process from before building design. When an owner, builder or developer encounters a challenge, it’s the support of a Licensed Surveyor that maps every aspect of the space that is invaluable. At every step the expertise of the REpeg Licensed Surveyors ensures the accuracy of the space, provides location and definition of complex design elements and protects the builder from encroachment on boundaries, easements and setbacks.

REpeg and Architects

REpeg provide architects with invaluable resources and tools for them to understand the space in which they are working. Their ability to communicate the characteristics of a space including topography, trees and existing buildings enables architects to better understand and adapt to the space they are designing.

Licensed Surveyors provide architects with a fundamental base from which they can begin their design. They warn of easements and restrictions and assist architects to navigate through potential spatial and approval issues and provide confidence in site boundaries.

We’ve Been Surveying For Over 20 Years

REpeg are Licensed Surveyors with experience in rural and urban land surveying and development.  The latest technology is utilised from the office to the field to empower our clients with the best outcomes for their projects.  Our client needs are our greatest priority and we ensure you will be rewarded with prompt, professional and committed services in achieving your building goals.

Scott Kimm LS is a Licensed Land Surveyor and Managing Director of REpeg and its parent company OnePlan.  Scott has over 20 years experience in the surveying industry and is a member of the Institution of Surveyors Victoria and Association of Consulting Surveyors Victoria.

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How long does it take to get a title re-establishment plan?

Once we have access to your block, we can get your title re-establishment plans back to you within one week.

What do we need to get started?

For us to give you a quote we need a copy of your Section 32 or a copy of your current plans.  Then we simply need the go ahead from yourselves and access to your block to get started.  

Where do you work?

REpeg Land Surveyors work throughout the growth areas of the south-east suburbs of Melbourne & Gippsland. 

Do you work with our building and construction providers?

REpeg is a team of professional surveyors and specialists who work to meet client needs. Our clients and partners we work with include architects, designers, developers, builders, land owners, engineers, town planners, solicitors, councils and government authorities.

What does a Title Re-Establishment Survey include?

The Title Re-Establishment Survey involves the physical delineation of property boundaries and determination of dimensions, areas and certain rights associated with properties.  Interpreting and advising on boundary locations, ownership rights, restrictions and interests in property. 

A surveyor, who is registered as a licensed surveyor under the Surveying Act 2004 is the only person authorised to perform cadastral surveys in Victoria. 


Why do we need a licensed surveyor?

The law states that cadastral (property boundary) surveys must be conducted or supervised by a practising licensed surveyor.

Surveys performed by unlicensed practitioners do not have any legal standing, and can compromise the future development of your property.

Always check that the surveyor defining any boundaries of your property is licensed in Victoria and legally entitled to do the job.

If a surveying firm is engaged, confirm that the company uses a practising licensed surveyor to perform and/or supervise its cadastral surveys.

The Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria investigates and prosecutes unauthorised people who undertake cadastral surveys.

Sites we have worked on

Client Testimonials

“I just want to say what a fantastic service you provided, and thanks for helping make our project come together successfully.
Julie and I appreciated your professionalism and the way that you always responded quickly to any issues.”


“My dealings with Scott have only ever been nothing short of outstanding. His knowledge and advice regarding the planning process has been invaluable and he communicated all aspects of the process clearly and patiently. Scott is totally solution focused and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.”


“Scott is exemplary of what the building and construction industry requires. Extremely professional with his quality of work, polite and an expert in his trade I will definitely recommend Scott and his team of surveyors hands down. Competitive pricing too and quick turnaround too.”

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